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Five tips to save money when shopping for CBD oils in the UK

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CBD oil is rapidly growing into the leading health and wellness trend in the UK. According to the latest 2019 estimates, about six million Britons have tried CBD products.

These non-psychoactive cannabis preparations are used to help with a wide variety of health issues ranging from anxiety to pain.

Unfortunately, high cost remains the biggest barrier to most people interested in trying CBD oil. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to see CBD products priced as high as £90.

This begs the question: how can you save money when buying CBD oil in the UK? Here are five tips you need to know.


Calculate the Price per MG of CBD

For starters, you should always be aware of how much money you’re paying per one mg of CBD. This will enable you to compare the cost of CBD oil tinctures offered by different retailers and figure out whether your chosen product is affordable or expensive.

To do this, simply divide the total cost by the amount of CBD present in the oil. For example, a £70 tincture containing 1000 mg of CBD has a cost of £0.07 per one mg. As a general rule of thumb, costs between £0.06 and £0.09 are considered good.

However, keep in mind that some CBD oils are made with CBD isolate: a pure form of CBD. These CBD oils are not the same thing as the standard full-spectrum tinctures containing the complete range of beneficial cannabis compounds. CBD isolate oils may boast a lower CBD cost, but will also be less effective.


Buy Larger CBD Amounts

One of the easiest ways to save money when shopping for CBD oil is to buy larger CBD amounts. Think of it this way: when you’re buying a CBD product, you’re not just paying for the CBD but also for the glass tincture, dropper, packaging, and any other ingredient or item that went into making it.

If you buy a small bottle with a low CBD concentration, such as a 30 mL tincture with 250 mg of CBD, these things will contribute to a significant part of the cost. However, if you buy a tincture that contains 1000 mg of CBD, you will end up paying significantly less per mg of CBD.

You can easily save 10-20% by simply buying a larger tincture with a higher CBD strength, and that’s before we account for the additional shipping costs of buying multiple weaker products. In addition, buying more is convenient: your tincture will last you longer before you run out.


CBD Oil Coupon for Penny Pinchers

Another added perk of shopping for CBD online is being able to use coupons. Online coupons are incredibly popular, with a simple Google search revealing dozens of options in the UK alone. They typically offer savings of anywhere from 5 to 20%, which really adds up for an expensive product such as CBD oil.

One example turned up on our Google is from UK-based retailer CBD Shopy who is currently offering a 10% discount coupon on all products listed on their best CBD oil review. To use it, simply type “SAVE10” when checking out on their website. This coupon is valid until 30-9-2019.

Coupled with the other tips in this article, coupons can add up to some serious savings that won’t make you feel like you’re losing money when you buy CBD oil.


Buy Online

Another useful tip to save money when buying CBD oil is to shop online. Although it’s true that CBD oil is increasingly available in UK pharmacies, health stores, high-street shops, and other physical locations, you will almost always find a cheaper deal on the internet.

It’s cheaper to run an online store than a physical shop, which means retailers can pass on these savings to you by offering cheaper CBD oils. Besides, online marketplaces typically offer a much wider variety of products.

The Cannabis Trades Association of the UK has a list of all their members both CBD-retailer & manufacturers which can be found here:


Look for Free Shipping

Shipping can add a significant cost to your CBD oil. As such, you can save a good deal of money by looking for retailers that offer free shipping. In most cases, you will need to pay over a specific amount of money, such as £100, to be eligible for free shipping.

This goes well with the idea of buying more CBD at a time: you not only pay less per mg of CBD but also save on shipping. In addition, some CBD companies offer free UK shipping regardless of the cost of your order.

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